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Welcome to the IT News page. Here you can find the latest information about what is happening in IT, including projects we are working on, success stories and any upcoming events. For information about planned maintenance, product changes and updates, and IT-related incidents, please visit the Service Status page. It asks a series of questions that asks participants how they have responded to COVID from both a mental health and physical health perspective.

The survey can be saved progressively allowing you to return to complete it in as many sessions as needed. There have been more thanrespondents so far from nearly countries and more are rapidly joining. The improvements make equipment maintenance a lot easier, for example staff are now notified whenever a piece of equipment needs an upgrade. The students using the application now have an improved experience using the application, through easier navigation to frequently accessed areas. Thanks to Cybele Wong and Stephen Cheng for making this possible!

In partnership with the Windows Server and the DBA team, we have successfully completed the upgrade of the three servers running the MediaBin digital asset management software to Windows Server R2, mitigating a long-standing risk with these servers.

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Two of the servers were rebuilt from ground-up, with the remaining server upgraded in-place. While this is a yearly BAU release that needs to take place in time for the monitoring period between January and February, the process has been tweaked and made slightly smoother this year thanks to the technical assistance of Banu Manubawa from Faculty Solutions who provided valuable advice. The Law Academic Management System which handles casual academic contracts was exposed to risk of unplanned outages and data breaches because its application platform was outdated.

As a result, not only did we remediate technology risk, going forward the team have to support only one single application code base for all three Faculties. This feature saves significant staff admin time and ensures the integrity of assessment info viewed by students. The School need to comply with additional audit regulations and store complex curriculum mapping data. The team developed a user-friendly feature that enables the School of Education to move away from individually created Word document course outlines.

Friday 4 December The program has been a great success since its launch earlier in the year and has now been approved for general education.

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This allows students enrolled in many programs to participate and as a result there is a larger influx of interested students. A waitlisting feature and other user experience improvements were created in order for students to have a user friendly and transparent experience in applying for industry projects.

The iMove cityfutures project will use the Chatswood central business district as a living laboratory promoting the effective use of data to improve visitor experience. Achieving real time data sharing between these parties will enable commuters to make better more efficient decisions thereby addressing congestion and optimising transport network usage. Friday 27 November Even more exciting for Pallavi is that she was the only postgraduate graduate student to receive the award this year across the School of Computer, Data and Mathematical Sciences at Western Sydney University.

This means she has not only excelled in her course but also was the highest achiever across all the postgraduate courses related to computer, data, and mathematical sciences. Congratulations on a phenomenal achievement Pallavi!

Staff are no longer tied down to a telephone on their desk, with Teams providing them the capability to communicate and collaborate from anywhere, anytime and on any device as long as they have a reliable Wi-Fi connection.

research gateway unsw job centre uk

Commencing Monday 30 November, all desk phones will cease to operate, including all call diversions. Handsets are currently being collected across campus and will be completed by Friday 18 December. One Team. One dream. As part of the Vulnerability Management Uplift project to improve our maturity, we have focused on the areas of GovernanceProcessesand Technology to better detect and report vulnerabilities across UNSW before they are exploited.

Key achievements include:. The project space has been buzzing over the past few weeks with market activities in train for several projects including Cloud, Network, and Integration.The study of both these classes of object tell us how stars and planets form and evolve, which is key to understanding how prevalent habitable environments are near the Sun, throughout the Galaxy and elsewhere in the Universe.

Our Research in Detail. My group currently hosts two faculty, four post-doctoral researchers and four graduate students, working on projects ranging from. We are also actively pursuing new technologies for searching for exoplanets - especially the use of image slicing fibre technologies for improving spectrograph performance, the use of fibre technologies for removing spatial information from the entrance apertures of astronomical spectrographs, and for smashing the current cost-paradigms for high-resolution spectrographs on large aperture telescopes.

We are in the process of constructing a new high-resolution spectrograph for the Anglo-Australian Telescope. This concept, which we call Velocewould use image slicing and an innovative asymmetric white pupil design to deliver an extremely cost-effective high-resolution facility, enabling world-leading Doppler spectroscopy on the AAT well into the next decade, as well as replacing and upgrading the facilities offered by the current UCLES spectrograph on the AAT.

We work closely with colleagues within the Australian Centre for Astrobiology to examine the impacts of our exoplanetary discoveries on the question of habitable environments outside the Solar System - especially with the members of Prof.

In addition to the specific projects listed above, there exists substantial scope for projects based on the broad research areas being pursued in our group see above.

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Some of these projects will be more targeted at observations, others at simulations, and others at heavy-duty data analysis. An ideal thesis project will contain aspects of all these, but the projects can be tuned to suit the specific skills and interests of students.

Advice for prospective students. A research project will engage much of your attention for a substantial period of time.

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And that works best if you get on with the people you work with. So talk to different potential supervisors, and their students and their post-docs and their colleagues.

I consider my job as a researcher to be about the best job one could possibly have — every day there is the possibility I will discover something about the Universe that no one has ever known before. If you are excited by the idea of discovering other worlds, and then exploring their properties using detailed observations on telescopes spread around the world, then get in touch! Other places to find out about our work include. For a list of my refereed journal publications follow this ADS link.

Skip to main content. Staff Record. Chris Tinney. PHYS Astronomy - a "second year" introductory course in astronomy. For further details click the link above. PhD, California Institute of Technology, BSc HonsUniversity of Sydney, Exploiting the FunnelWeb survey in a variety of exciting new projects.We occasionally post education-related work opportunities on our website.

It is important to note that we do not endorse or check the organisations listed, nor do we vet the jobs. Any agreement reached is solely between you and the advertiser, and the School of Education takes no responsibility for any outcomes of such an arrangement.

These listings relate to work experience opportunities in different areas of NSW. This DEC program involves a week-long orientation and professional experience visits, providing a snapshot of lifestyle and career opportunities for teachers in rural and remote areas.

Speak to our PE Office if you would like to consider a rural placement and they will find a school appropriate to your teaching area. The Beyond The Bridge initiative gives you the chance to experience schools located in metropolitan areas that hold the greatest number of employment opportunities. During the visit, you'll observe the excellent teaching and learning strategies within these school communities and have the opportunity for discussions with a mix of beginning and experienced teachers.

The GRP facilitates the recruitment of teacher education graduates for casual, temporary and permanent employment in NSW public schools. Read more about the benefits and requirements. If there is nothing that appeals to you but you think may be of interest to someone else, please do not hesitate to forward on. Rose Bay Secondary College is looking for a school learning support officer to work in our Learning Hub. School learning support officers works under the direction and supervision of the Learning and Support teacher.

They provide assistance to students with varying disabilities and additional learning and support requirements. They can provide assistance with:.

research gateway unsw job centre uk

This position would be perfect for anyone studying Education. Ideally the successful applicant is available to work days per week during school term. Education Links Tuition, is a new and innovative tutoring centre located in Earlwood, committed to providing high quality professional tuition for Years students, in an engaging and interactive learning environment.

We are looking for teachers and tutors in the following KLAs:. We encourage all interested parties to send a cover letter, your CV and academic results by email.

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Kensington Public School Out of School Hours Care are currently looking for an enthusiastic person to work on a casual or part time basis within our organisation, providing Care for children aged 5 to 12 years. Shifts are on weekdays during school and school holidays and are of variable lengths from split shits between 7am and 6.

Successful applicants will be required to undertake a background check prior to commencement and Child Protection training as part of the induction process. To apply, please email all relevant documents or questions regarding casual teaching to contact Charlie Hill. All completed forms will be scanned and forwarded by the school for processing. Go to Teach. We seek two dynamic and inspirational teachers to join our Mathematical team. The successful candidate will be expected as follows:. Wairoa caters for students from K with moderate and severe intellectual disabilities, physical disabilities, sensory processing needs, autism and challenging behaviours.

Interested teachers would undertake a volunteer day to see our school and what is involved in teaching casually at Wairoa. Contact Jenny CarrollAssistance Principal for further information or to express your interest. Coder Academy is on a mission to reduce inequality and drive innovation via high quality tech training.

Part of this mission involves upskilling teachers and students about the technology that is central to our existence! We have a number of casual positions available in K schools to deliver a variety of different courses. This will provide some amazing work experience that is seen as very desirable in schools.

research gateway unsw job centre uk

If you are passionate about education, keen to learn more about technology or love technology and looking for casual work then please drop us an email.Great, we can send you jobs like this, if this is your first time signing up, please check your inbox to confirm your subscription.

The email address was invalid, please check for errors. You must agree to the privacy statement. More Jobs Powered by PageUp. Breadcrumb Home Job Search. Job Search. Applicant Login Job Alert. Send me jobs like these We will email you new jobs that match this search. Expression of interest Loading Job Search e. Casual 1 Full-time 39 Part-time 3. Manager Operations Accom. Residential Life Co-ordinator.

This position works with ARC and other student leadership and support operatives within the UNSW community to create an environment in which students are supported and encouraged to develop and participate in co-curricular activities and events that foster wellbeing, academic success and community engagement.

Opportunity for a postdoctoral researcher to work closely with senior researchers at NDARC, contributing to a number of projects relating to drug dependence epidemiology, treatment, and surveillance.

This position manages property lease transactions to ensure financial returns on behalf of UNSW. This role will engage closely within the Asset Management team and broader Estate Management EM teams to deliver the Estate strategy and objectives.

This position requires a high degree of professional property knowledge. The Assistant Business Partner is responsible for coordinating services provided to student spaces as well as to third party retailers. The position requires creative thinking and a proactive approach to developing and engaging with the student community for the effective delivery of EM services.

The Postdoctoral Fellow will undertake both collaborative and self-directed research in the general areas supported by the grant, including labour supply modelling, optimal tax modelling within an overlapping generations framework and the interface between the two. Digital Marketing Campaign Coordinator.North London Job Centre Plus JCP commissioned work to help support long term unemployed clients more than 2 years unemployed move closer to employment.

This client group had received various interventions with different organisations and the majority had attended a variety of short two week vocational courses with various providers but had still failed to gain employment. This project was intended to create a longer programme which would address the barriers to employment. The Project was initiated with the Palmers Green Job Centre Plus and was created in direct relation to supporting Work Programme Completers — those who had been unemployed for over two years.

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It was highlighted that this particular client group were in need of support with Functional Skills to aid their job searching and their ability to find employment.

The majority of this client group had no formal qualifications and limited skills in English, Maths or ICT which was seen as a substantial barrier. The Job Centre Plus identified that many customers struggled with the terminology and structure needed to complete job applications successfully; they also highlighted that many customers were unable to use the online Universal Job Match system and had difficultly applying for online applications due to lack of ICT Skills.

research gateway unsw job centre uk

This project therefore was created to address these skill deficits and included completing qualifications in English, Maths and ICT. This was then followed by a one week accredited pre-employment course for customers to apply the newly gained skills in a more employment focused way. Reviewing of this project identified that we developed a product that was specific to the client group and provided the appropriate training to meet their needs.

The project aim was to ensure that this group had all the necessary skills to bring them closer to the job market. This project was very successful but the client group was very challenging.

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All learners had been unemployed for over 2 years some considerably longer. Some had other issues which needed addressing to allow them to progress into employment already mentioned above. Outcomes were:. The success of the project has shown that with careful planning at the start of the programme, monitoring learners through a formal Individual Learning Plan and daily support from tutors we were able to meet the projects objectives.

Overview Sales academy Talent attraction Bridge into construction International services. Conclusion Reviewing of this project identified that we developed a product that was specific to the client group and provided the appropriate training to meet their needs. Go back.Use Employer Direct online to advertise jobs vacancies on the Jobcentre Plus database.

Employer Direct is a totally free service offered by the Jobcentre Plus. It allows you to post your jobs onto the jobcentre Plus website by telephone or fax. To use the Employer Direct service, contact Jobcentre Plus with details of your vacancy using any of the methods below:. Post a job online using Universal Jobmatch to find the right candidates faster and reach more qualified candidates promote your postings.

Universal Jobmatch is open to everybody as it will be a web-based service. However, it is aimed primarily at job seekers and companies in the UK and DWP staff involved in reviewing claimants job search activity to help and support them into work once you've registered for Universal Jobmatch you can then start to post a job online.

CV Library is fast becoming the number 1 job site in the UK.

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You can also upload your CV to be headhunted by thousands of companies, and apply to hundreds of thousands of current jobs with 1-click apply. Registration is FREE!!!. Submit your CV Today!

Searching for work How much to post a job with universal jobmatch Indeed Job Search. Find A Jobcentre Telephone Number. Advertising a Job Vacancy Online Information for employers looking to advertise a job vacancy online. Advertise a job using Employer Direct online. How to Advertise a Job vacancy. Post your job vacancy with employer direct Use Employer Direct online to advertise jobs vacancies on the Jobcentre Plus database. Read more Post A Job Online. Read more: Post ABMet offer an exciting selection of short free courses supported by local job centres, leading to accredited qualifications.

We teach skills that are valuable to local employers and help you back into work. Our teachers use a wide range of well-planned teaching, learning and assessment activities to help you achieve your best. Our specialist adult education centre in Birmingham City Centre offers a friendly, safe and comfortable environment in which to study, gain confidence and meet new people. An in-depth interview and assessment will be conducted to ascertain your level of English and suitability for the programme of study.

These courses are offered in partnership with DWP — learners will need to have Job Centre approval prior to starting a course. Open All.

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If you are interested in starting a training course at BMet, please complete this form and we will respond with an invitation to see the tutor at the next enrolment date. Courses for Job Seekers If you are human, leave this field blank.

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Colour Schemes. These courses are available at regular intervals throughout the year: JCP Reference ESOL Speaking and Listening If English is not your first language and you would like to improve your English through speaking and listening, reading and writing skills we can help you.

This course is for all learners from beginners to advanced level. There will be training on Universal Credit and how to use Find a Job to improve online job search. Skills Training Courses. You will gain an understanding of customer expectations and needs, you will be able to deal effectively with customer queries and complaints. Course delivered online — 1 week Retail Knowledge Level 1 This online course will help you gain an understanding of working in retail.

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